Pick The Best LinkedIn Lead Tool For Lead Generation

It doesn’t matter whether you joined LinkedIn yesterday or a year ago; you need tools that generate leads.

It’s simply a must if you’re looking to increase your revenue, and actually make something out of your platform.

The problem, however, is finding the tool that fits your exact needs.

To your luck, there are dozens of LinkedIn generation tools available at the moment – both free and those that require a monthly subscription.

If this got you interested, and you’re looking for the perfect LinkedIn tool, stick with me till the end of this article.

What Is A LinkedIn Lead Generator?

A screenshot showing the first illustration

To make everything 100% clear, we need to go back and recall what a LinkedIn lead generator is.

If you’ve been on this platform for long enough, then you might as well agree with the fact that just “existing” on LinkedIn won’t get you anywhere. More importantly, it won’t do anything to your business.

You need a pat on the back, and LinkedIn lead generators will do just that for you.

Simply speaking, LinkedIn lead generators are automatic boosters that help you reach out to someone in your network and stay in tune with the happenings in your “virtual community.”

The next matter of business is:

How do I automate lead generation on LinkedIn?

You can do so by choosing the tools that I’m going to lay down for you in a minute. But before you do, know that some of them are free, and others require a subscription.

You’ll have to spend a couple of bucks to achieve the desired result in most cases.

Okay, I think you have a clear idea of ​​what these tools are for. It will be much clearer to you when I actually start listing them one by one.

Top LinkedIn Lead Generator Tools

Now, let’s get into the real reason why you clicked on this article.

I’ll be listing down the top LinkedIn lead generator tools that you should know about.

Again, you might be familiar with some of them, but don’t stop you from exploring all the options available. Maybe, now, your needs are different than they were a year ago, and you’re looking for a brand new LinkedIn generation tool.

Social Champ

I’ll take the liberty to put Social Champ as my first option, primarily because it works on multiple social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

Social Champ allows you to schedule your posts when your audience is the most active, ensuring you don’t go unnoticed and possibly miss out on successful recruitment.

The features that make this tool so popular are:

  • Bulk upload (a LinkedIn marketing tool for uploading more content)
  • Social media calendar (viewing published posts in one take)
  • Repeat (reposting old posts for more engagement)

Is this lead generation tool free?

Nope. It charges you about $ 10 a month, but if you want to try out some of the features, Social Champ allows its users a 7-day free trial.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

One of LinkedIn’s own, if I may say so.

As the name itself suggests, you might want to turn to this tool if you need to boost your sales. However, is it worth your attention?

If you want the short answer – yes.

But if you’re really interested in how this tool generates leads, here are the features you should be considering:

  • Lead & Company Search – Of course, the keyword here is lead, and when you combine it with search, you’re halfway there. This feature makes it easier for you to find relevant individuals and companies.
  • Lead Recommendation – Sometimes, searching isn’t enough, and you need more explicit content coming your way. With Lead Recommendation, your profile is going to receive suggestions according to your preferences.

The sales insights you’ll be getting from this tool ensure more revenue and successful sales.

There’s one thing that might not sit well with you, though, and that’s the pricing. Compared to the first tool we’ve mentioned, LinkedIn Sales Navigator puts the price on its services at $79.9/month.


Moving on to Expandi.

Have you ever heard of this tool?

If not, here’s the deal. Currently, the word is that this is one of the safest LinkedIn generation tools on the market. And by safe, we mean security-wise; your private and valued business information will not be compromised.

What sets this tool apart from others and brings it closer to the Sales Navigator I mentioned a second ago is this feature:

  • Dynamic Personalization: You’ll be generating leads ten times faster and more successfully if you’re sending out emails and messages to certain people. The dynamic personalization feature got you covered – it’ll be messaging people based on a custom variable.

That helps, for sure. But there’s more to it:

  • Smart Inbox: We all know someone with whom we’ve got lost in communication, or even worse, didn’t even get a reply. And sometimes, we’re the ones that don’t reply. With a smart inbox, you can boost customer engagement and save your messages from going to perils.

Expandi takes its security as seriously as its prices. If you want the treatment, you’ll have to cash out $99/month (or give their 7-day free trial a go first).


Fourth on the list comes to LeadFuze.

What this tool does initially is it helps you with your LinkedIn data. And let’s face it, it’s hard keeping up with the information coming in and out like an avalanche.

More importantly, LeadFuze is your go-to lead generator. This cloud-based tool is perfect for:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Recruiting

Before you yell out “Bingo,” let’s quickly hover over some key features:

  • It helps you generate leads more quickly, and messages desired accounts by a simple search
  • Enables the user contact information – email and phone
  • Helps with automated emails and follow-ups that you need to send

Because LeadFuze does so much instead of you and keeps track of an abundance of data, so you don’t have to, it charges accordingly.

In numbers, you’re looking at $ 132.30 / month.

Do yourself a favor and check your budget before you type in your credit card info.

LinkedIn Helper

LinkedIn Helper exists so that it can help you with your sales and marketing. Again, the name reveals the purpose.

Unlike others that I’ve listed, this tool is actually Chrome-based, and assuming that you use Chrome as your primary browser, LinkedIn helper makes it easier to pinpoint relevant leads.

Primarily, this will save you a lot of money and time you’d otherwise spend scrolling and paying for some expensive alternatives.

You can set this tool to work in tune with your LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Recruiter if you want.

A few features that take the spotlight would be:

  • Autoresponder: Definitely a time-saver; this feature will automatically reach out to your 2nd and 3rd connections.
  • Messaging Group Members: If you are a member of a relevant group (which you should be), this feature will help you message people, to whom you are 2nd and 3rd connection.
  • Export and Manage Contacts: With this feature, you can insert your customized CSV results for even more precise results.

This tool takes almost $9 /month from you.

Due to mixing with Chrome, you may encounter some technical problems, so before you spend this seemingly small amount – check it out.


I’ll be closing the list with Alfred, number six on the list for LinkedIn generation tools you should know about.

In short, this tool helps send personalized messages on LinkedIn and several other social media platforms like Twitter.

Basically, your messages are getting sent while you’re sleeping.

You can customize your replies so that it doesn’t necessarily seem “robotic” and still continue to get an abundance of InMails and requests in your DMs.

This tool certainly has potential, and these features confirm this:

  • Team Management
  • Analytics and Dashboard
  • Email Campaign Sequence
  • LinkedIn CRM

And lastly, the price for this tool.

I’d like to say that it’s somewhere in the middle. Alfred won’t have you paying a hundred bucks on your first month. On the other hand, it isn’t as cheap as chips.

This tool is keeping it real and affordable at $ 39/month.


It’s clear as day; you need LinkedIn lead generators if you want to do something out of your platform and increase your revenue. The only problem was finding the one that suits your needs.

I’m saying this in the past tense because I’ve taken the time to list down the possible alternatives. Once again, your options are:

  • Social Champ
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Expand
  • LeadFuze
  • LinkedIn Helper
  • Alfred

True, some are cheaper than others, but that doesn’t diminish their quality in the least. If you’re serious about generating more leads, don’t hesitate to scroll up and rethink these options.

See you next time!