LinkedIn Growth Hacker – LinkedIn Growth Hack To Generate More Leads

Growing your presence on LinkedIn is a common goal amongst all people that have a LinkedIn profile.

But, is there a sufficient way of steadily increasing your LinkedIn presence and generating more leads on there, or is there a LinkedIn Growth Hack or not to achieve this?

That’s why I was interested in it a couple of years ago, and I know some of you are as well. That’s why I’ve decided to tell you all about my Linkedin growth hacks and what my approach was towards this problem.

There are a few things that if you keep doing will massively increase your presence on a business network such as LinkedIn, and that’s something we all want!

Well, without further ado, I suggest we dive right in and see what I have got in store for you when it comes to generating more leads on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Growth Strategy – What Is It & Should You Have One?

LinkedIn growth strategy is something everyone that heavily relies on LinkedIn when it comes to their work, regardless of what it is that you actually do.

LinkedIn growth strategy is a method or a way is used to increase the growth of leads that interact with your LinkedIn profile in order for you to close more deals.

In order to develop and use a LinkedIn growth strategy, you have to know what you’re selling, who you’re selling it to, and what are your annual goals.

If everything I’ve said is taken into consideration, it’s clear that everybody should have a LinkedIn growth strategy that will serve you well regardless of what you’re doing on LinkedIn.

Now, your LinkedIn growth strategies will differ depending on what you’re doing, what your employment is, and what would you like to achieve by using a growth strategy.

Keeping that in mind, let’s see what a generally accepted and well-constructed LinkedIn growth strategy looks like and contains.

How To increase growth on LinkedIn? – Teaching You All The Basics

A drawing depicting a man sitting behind a laptop typing.

There are a lot of people that are self-proclaimed marketing gurus and growth hacking specialists, but you shouldn’t take everything that every single person that fits this description says.

For example, one of the biggest marketing gurus of marketing today is Gary Vee that has some of the most well-known stances and predictions about the market, but you shouldn’t even listen to everything that he says!

You should turn your head towards market research, networks such as LinkedIn, and doing your own thing in your own template instead of adopting someone else’s.

But, where do you start? How do you begin making your own template? Be patient, my dear readers!

Know Who You’re “Targeting”

Knowing who you’re looking for on LinkedIn in order to generate leads and interactions is crucial for your further success.

Even if you have a lot of resources, if you waste them on the wrong group of people or individuals, those resources will go to waste.

Instead, you should focus on people that actually may be potentially interested in what you’re selling or will need it according to their lifestyle.

Those are the people that you should be targeting. But, how do you find them? Here’s how:

LinkedIn groups are an amazing thing. They allow people to sort themselves out by different criteria which you can use to your advantage.

If you’re selling something that a lot of people can be interested in, you should find a group on LinkedIn that is revolving around something closely related to what you’re selling.

This tactic will also work on different websites and networks such as Facebook, but I’d like to stay focused on the LinkedIn part of this story.

These groups or things that people are interested in on that network are great indicators of what to expect in terms of the number of people potentially interested in what you have to say and sell.

So, in order to find out what groups you’re targeting, you need to do your own research and find out what groups are worth your time and what people from those groups are something you should invest in.

Be Active On LinkedIn

My following recommendation is to be active on the network. When you find the groups that contain a good number of people that are your potential leads, you shouldn’t stop there.

You should be active in those groups, chatting with people, interacting with them in any way, shape, or form.

Getting yourself to do this is a big step, especially if you do it long-term on regular basis.

This is how you build your connections, getting recognized as someone who’s worth a person’s time, etc…

If you manage to generate a few direct messages over the LinkedIn messaging system, or even emails, you’re on a good track.

All you have to do is stay active, reply to messages, engage in conversations, and be active overall.

This will bring you the most visible results since it’s the biggest part of any growth strategy. You can’t sit behind your computer and expect people to contact you just because you’ve entered a group.

You have to constantly work on your communication skills and your productivity during the time you spend on LinkedIn.

Allocate Your Resources Carefully

When doing things that involve resources such as your time, energy, patience, and even money – you should think about allocation of those resources and eventual reallocation if necessary.

Why? Well, it’s because there are people that will intentionally or unintentionally waste your time and money without actually being a lead or having a chance of ever becoming a client of yours in any way.

That’s the exact reason why you need to think about how to approach every single person on LinkedIn.

There are some LinkedIn marketing hacks that may work, but marketing is only a part of your growth process. You may invest some money in it, but if you don’t do the rest of the work, the marketing strategy won’t hold for long.

But, I digress. If you feel like you’re getting nowhere with a person that you’re in contact with and you’re trying to seal the deal, you should think about dropping that “lead” and instead of wasting your resources, reallocate them into a conversation that will potentially lead to a deal.

You’ll know when you should cut your losses, but you can also tell by a few different things. First, your lead doesn’t respond very often, or they sound as interested as they were at the beginning of your conversation.

If you see that – consider reallocation.

Be Persistant

Don’t give up easily. There will be days where you won’t generate any leads nor close any deals. That’s why you should keep your chin up and not bother with those days if the rest are good.

Growing your LinkedIn presence isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be mistaken for a short-term job. You should constantly work on growing the number of leads you generate and your success rate.

Persistence is necessary when you’ve decided to grow on LinkedIn and generate concrete results on there.

What I mean by that is that you shouldn’t give up on a small project that is part of your LinkedIn growth hack system just because you’re not seeing results right away.

But, keep in mind my last piece of advice about reallocating your resources. You should find the golden middle between not wasting your resources, and having plenty of patience in order to see your work bring results.

LinkedIn Growth Hacker – My Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is a network that gives you plenty of chances to succeed in your career. You should know how to use that opportunity to its maximum, and making a growth strategy for LinkedIn is a big part of that.

Having said that, there are a couple of things you should not forget when it comes to this, and those things are:

  • Target a group of people that are potential leads
  • Be active on Linkedin
  • Allocate your resources correctly
  • Be persistent

These four principles stay unchanged regardless of what your profession is and what you’re trying to do by growing on LinkedIn.

Generating more leads is the key goal of the majority of people using LinkedIn growth hacker so I’d imagine there’s a lot of you reading this that share this common goal.

Just by following these four pieces of advice, you may increase the number of leads you generate over LinkedIn with ease.

All that’s left to say is to keep this article somewhere where you can easily access it, and to wish you good luck in your LinkedIn adventures!